Boaz Reisman is a composer, music director, and songwriter living in Chicago. Over the years, he has been in several bands (most notably Odessa - which somehow still has a working website). Occasionally working as a music director for Chicago's own comedy theater The Second City, he has also written several musicals, including San Francisco's wildly popular Bruce Thunderkiss, and Chicago's equally wildly popular Skiing is Believing.

When he's not banding or musicaling, which is most of the time, he's usually sitting in his home studio and composing music for production videos, advertisements, and occasionally, Comedy Central pilots.
While playing the piano, guitar, flute, bass, accordion, ukulele and (on a good day) being able to bleat out a sad melody on the trombone, Boaz began studying composition formally at Columbia University, and since then has studied privately with W. A. Mathieu - a composer/arranger/genius from Northern California who John Coltrane once said was the best music theorist out there.